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Please bear with us as we are updating the website.  It's still a work in progress. Please check back frequently. Latest addition to the website is an update on the County that was released to the media Dec. 2015.  Please click on the "County Updates by Rick" tab to read the update. In response to questions, I've also posted information on the proposed 5/8 cent sales tax. Hope this helps.  Again, click on the tab above.  

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn about me and about the position I am seeking re-election for, Garland County Judge.  When you think of a judge what comes to mind immediately is a person wearing a big black robe and presiding over court but that's not exactly what a County Judge does.  In fact, as I read over the job description I began to think that a better title would be "County Manager" because the primary function of this position is to successfully manage county government and oversee the way our tax dollars are spent.  In other words, the County Judge is the highest elected official in the county and the chief executive officer who manages resources and operations.  Below I've listed the job description from the Garland County Clerk's website.   

I also want you to have a chance to get to know me and why I'm still the right person for the job of Garland County Judge.  The number one thing I want you to know is this: even though I'm currently serving a third term, I am not a run-of-the-mill politician; anyone who knows me or have had dealings with me will tell you that. I am a business person who cares about the welfare of the citizens of the county and how our tax dollars are put to work.  I hope my record of work will give you the reason to vote for me for another term since there are major projects to finish.  Please visit the other pages of this website to learn more about me and the record that I will run on.   I will continue to work hard for you and appreciate the opportunity to continue that work.  I still need your support and your vote.  The challenges facing this county will require all of us working together.  Please visit this website often to receive factual information about the campaign along with Garland County issues and projects.  All too frequently, misinformation and rumors abound.  Always feel free to contact me if you have questions.   
If you have questions or want to know where I stand on an issue I invite you to email me at  I'll try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.  I'm just urging people to remember that yes, I'm running for re-election, but the majority of my time continues to be fulfilling the job of your current County Judge.  So, give me a little time to answer campaign emails.  I'd also be honored to come and speak to your church, civic or business group and get to know some of my neighbors a little better.  I think once you meet me, hear the record of what we have accomplished together along with my ideas about fiscal responsibility and working cooperatively with the City of Hot Springs and our other cities and communities within Garland County, while maintaining autonomy for the County, that you'll be ready to continue my employment as your Garland County Judge.   
Unfortunately, "applying" to be re-hired for the job of Garland County Judge and running a campaign for re-election requires some money.  While I'm not actively seeking campaign contributions, if you would like to contribute toward the campaign, I will thankfully accept it and apply it accordingly.   

Any campaign donations can be made by sending a check to:
Rick Davis for Garland County Judge
PO Box 368
Pearcy, AR  71964
For the 2014 campaign listen below and to The Bull, KLAZ, and KVRE for latest campaign spots.
2014 Radio spots :

Play Four of the Rick Davis 30-Second Radio Spots - These are from the 2010 campaign but we just left them on the website for now.

County Judge 

The chief executive officer for county government in Arkansas is the County Judge. As chief executive the judge authorized and approves the disbursement of all appropriated county funds, operates the system of county roads, administers ordinances enacted by the Quorum Court, has custody of county property, accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources, hires county employees except those persons employed by other elected officials of the county, and presides over the Quorum Court without a vote, but with the power to veto. (A.C.A. § 14-14-1001 through 1103)

All powers not vested in the County Judge, as the county’s chief executive officer shall continue to be exercised and administered by the County Court, over which the County Judge shall preside. The County Court, in fact, is the County Judge sitting in a judicial role. The County Court of each county has exclusive original jurisdiction in all matters relating to:

(1) County Taxes: Including real and personal ad valorem taxes collected by county government. The County Court’s authority in this area includes jurisdiction over the assessment of property, equalization of assessments on appeal, tax levies, tax collections, and the disbursement of tax proceeds.

(2) Paupers: The Court’s jurisdiction includes all county administrative actions affecting the conduct of human services programs serving indigent residents of the county where such offices are financed in total or in part by county funds.

(3) Jurisdiction in each other case that may be necessary to the internal improvement and local concerns of the respective counties including county financial activities and works of general public utility or advantage designed to promote intercommunication, trade and commerce, transportation of persons and property, or the development of natural resources, which are no otherwise transferred to the County Judges to be administered in an executive capacity.

(4) The County Court shall have all other jurisdiction now vested by law in the county court except with respect to those powers formerly vested in the county court under the provisions of Section 28 Article 7 of the Constitution which were transferred to the County Judge under the provisions of Section 3 of Amendment 55 to the Arkansas Constitution, (A.C.A. § 14-14-1105), and those powers removed by Amendment 67 as they pertain to the Bastardy and Juvenile Court.

In addition to the duties of the County Court, the County Judge is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day inter-governmental relations between the various state and federal agencies operating at the county level. The Judge must also apply for all federal and state assistance monies for which the county is eligible, and appoints the members to all administrative and advisory boards in the county, some of which have to be confirmed by the Quorum Court.

Rick Davis: Biography

I think it's safe to say that I have been blessed.  All of my success I attribute to faith in God, a loving family, application of sound business and fiscal principles, ability to gather input from others, and a strong work ethic which includes working along-side others rather than just sitting in an office. 

My family includes my wife, Denice, whom, I'm proud to say, has been by my side for 41 years.  We have two sons who have expanded our family: Jarred and his wife Megan have two children, Emma and Scout; and Marc and his wife Sonya also have two children, Kaitlyn and Carson.  

I was in business in Garland County for over 33 years.  I was the Chief Executive Officer of Daveco Construction, Inc., a successful underground utility construction business.  There I oversaw the allocation of all material, human and fiscal resources.  I have managed all aspects of large projects including new utility, water and sewer system installations, construction of water and sewer plants, along with improvements and replacements in various towns and municipalities around Arkansas and surrounding states.  I also have experience in highway and drainage projects as well as reclamation of contaminated land areas. My company held a license in heavy highway, municipal utility, and airport construction.  I have knowledge from work over 12 years in various types of aggregate materials used in the road and construction industry.  Additionally, in the past, I served as the Project Director for the Hot Springs Municipal Utilities for two years.  
In order to fulfill the duties of County Judge, I've closed my primary business, Daveco.  County Judge is a full time job.

Organizational memberships have included: the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), American Angus Association, Arkansas Angus Association, Arkansas-Oklahoma Angus Association, the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association, Garland County Farm Bureau and Ducks Unlimited.  In 2004, we were named the Garland County Farm Family of the Year. I have had the privilege of serving as a past board member of the Garland County Conservation District.

Guiding principles:

  • Truth, integrity and doing the right thing even if decisions are sometimes not popular with all or what I have to report is not what some may want to hear.
  • Productive working relationships with others to maximize resources and positive outcomes for Garland County.
  • Equal representation for all county residents.
  • Open, transparent communication.
  • Productive work with the Quorum Court and the Road Department for protection of county roads, bridges and infrastructure while protecting property rights.
  • Productive work with government, business and industry with the goal to promote economic development climate and jobs.
  • Productive work with the Quorum Court as they problem solve and make progress toward fair pay for a fair day's work for all county employees and county law enforcement.
  • Hands-on inclusive leadership and management; working alongside others.
  • You can't spend what you don't have.






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